Cut Text Online

The tool will cut a long text, it will cut off all characters from the line, leaving a certain number of letters that you specify. You can also trim multiple sentences at the same time by enabling multiline mode.

Delete settings

the number of characters that will remain in the text

Multi-line mode

each line will be processed independently of other lines

Truncation indicator

Characters added to the end (or beginning) of the text. They are counted in the length of the line.

This online tool cuts texts of any size. Pay attention to additional settings:

  • select the number of characters that should remain in the text (letters, spaces, punctuation marks are counted)
  • check the box next to Multi-Line mode if you want the specified number of characters to remain on each line
  • specify from which side (beginning or end) the text will be cut off

When is the tool useful?

The tool is useful for shortening texts of various types. For example, to fill in the pages of catalog sites according to certain parameters, indicate citations in scientific papers, comply with the technical regulations of documents, and so on.

How to use the tool

Copy the text you want to change and paste it into the box. Fill in the settings and click the "Crop" button. Large text can be uploaded as a file. Next, copy the resulting text from the adjacent window or upload the file.

What is good for?

This site is the most complete collection of text formatting tools. A complete list of options is available on the main page. The site is easy to use: no registration is required here, the tools work for free. All actions are performed online. The user has access to an unlimited number of operations with texts of any size.