Remove Spaces at the Beginning and at the End of Each Line

Upload text to remove paragraph indents, remove extra spaces between words, and at the beginning and end of sentences. Format files online without restrictions.


remove all spaces and tabs from the left side

remove all spaces and tabs from the right side

Multi-line mode

each line will be processed independently of other lines

Clean up

replaces multiple spaces with a single space

There is a popular option on the page - to remove places where large gaps (several pieces) have accidentally formed. The program replaces them with a single space. You can also remove unnecessary spaces only from the right or only from the left side of the text and process lines of text according to individual parameters using the "Multiline Mode" function. All this allows you to make the material neat and ready for further formatting or directly for publication in a few mouse clicks.

How to use the tool

Copy the text you want to change and paste it into the box. Fill in the settings and click the "Remove" button. Large text can be uploaded as a file. Next, copy the resulting text from the adjacent window or upload the file.

Help for a copywriter

When working with texts - copying and merging fragments, using different editing programs - extra spaces and tabs may appear in them. Before publication, submission to the editor, authors, copywriters, journalists use Text Converter to bring the content into the desired form. We suggest using the tool to everyone who does not want to waste time on routine work.

Benefits of using the service

Text Converter does not require payment or registration. Get rid of a large amount of routine work thanks to the quick formatting of texts of any type and size. Free online tools are available on Home to improve text in a few clicks.