Random Case Text Converter

On this page, you can get text that will contain letters of different registers. The tool randomly selects an upper or lower case version for each character.


The tool works with all text: get words from uppercase and lowercase letters in each line. Whenever you click on the "Transform" button, you get a new result with a different random text. The changes do not apply to punctuation marks, numbers, and special characters, since they do not have the concept of "case".

How to use the tool

Copy the text you want to know about and paste it into the box. Large text can be uploaded as a file. Press the "Randomize" button. The result will be displayed in the next window.

Why do you need a tool

After converting, the words can be used to create passwords, various text styles. Impaired text creates the effect of a broken typewriter, a stuck Shift key, or an accidentally pressed CapsLock button. Content can be used for games, exercises.

Benefits of using the service

Text Converter does not require payment or registration. Get rid of a large amount of routine work thanks to the quick formatting of texts of any type and size. Free online tools are available on Home to improve text in a few clicks.