Extract Text from XML

This web tool helps to get the text of the entire XML file. Just upload a document or XML markup and get material without tags or with their names.

Tag name

the XML tag name will be converted to text


the text from the XML tag will be converted to a paragraph


removes spaces around text and deleted tags

The online service converts XML to text instantly. Advanced settings are available to the user: saving tag names, splitting tags into paragraphs, removing extra spaces.

How to use the tool

Copy the text you want to change and paste it into the box. Fill in the settings and click the "Extract" button. Large text can be uploaded as a file. Next, copy the resulting text from the adjacent window or upload the file.

When to use the tool

If you need to open an XML file as text, but without service information, use this online function. The tool allows you to get text from XML, which will contain only useful data. Use the utility when you want to edit an XML file or need to convert XML to another format.

Benefits of using the service

Text Converter does not require payment or registration. Get rid of a large amount of routine work thanks to the quick formatting of texts of any type and size. Free online tools are available on Home to improve text in a few clicks.